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Our innovative cable solutions meet the needs of diverse applications to leverage the opportunities provided by electrification.


The electrification of energy end uses is a key pillar of decarbonization and one of the major efforts required to reach the zero-emission goals set worldwide.

While the global energy demand is expected to remain stable over the next 30 years, the electricity share of the total energy mix is expected to double from 20% to 40% over the same period, mainly because of the shift of fossil fuel-based applications – like gas heating or internal combustion engines - towards electricity, particularly from renewable sources, and because of the growing expansion of electricity-based applications such as data centres. 

The more electricity applications grow, the stronger is the demand for a wide-ranging and specialized cable solutions offering to meet the needs of the diverse applications and capture the opportunities offered by this market-shaping megatrend.

With our new Connect to Lead business strategy, we aim at seizing the opportunities stemming from the structural megatrends driving the cable market, and becoming a global cable solutions provider leading the energy transition and digital transformation.

The electrification of energy end uses

The decarbonization of the energy system relies heavily on electrification. European Commission scenarios show that by 2050 more than three-quarters of the final energy demand will be electrified. 

Electrifying means replacing fossil-fuel sources of power with electricity generated from renewable energy sources in a variety of end uses – including industrial production processes, transportation and logistics, and heating and cooling of buildings. Electricity demand will increase as we switch away from using fossil fuels.

EC analyses show that renewables-based electrification, complemented with the indirect electrification of hard-to-abate sectors, is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to cut energy sector emissions to net zero by 2050. Electricity will directly cover 57% of final energy uses while providing another 18% indirectly through hydrogen and its derivatives. 

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